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What is FPR? is the most popular online press release distribution service, owned by Maxo Group and founded in 2001.

Our primary aim is to help people, businesses, and organizations maximize their visibility and build a First-class image to gain more opportunities. We offer the most cost-effective services to help our customers gain success.

For more information about our services, please refer to the How it Works or Why Us sections.

Why Choose

Our superior online distribution channels and search engine friendly press release help you get found on the Internet easier. We distribute your news to your target audience and so help you achieve greater success in business. Besides, we also have the easiest submission process to help you write a press release all by yourself.

How do I get started submitting a press release?

1. Create a free account. (Or log in to your existing account)
2. Choose the press release plan that meets all your requirements.
3. Create your press release.
4. Preview your press release.
5. Submit your press release for distribution.

How do I get charged when submitting a press release?

Each of press release plans will cost you according to its price per press release, and there is no any additional fee.

Our payment system is pretty simple and all of our services are available for one-off purchases. However, you can also add more funds to your account, which will save you a lot of time when you submit future press releases.

How to check the status of "my press releases"?

When you login to dashboard, you will see your latest press releases in the right hand side of the dashboard. You can also check your press release by the following steps:

  • 1: Go to "My Press Releases" section by clicking the navigation bar.
  • 2: Find the filter on the top left corner.
  • 3: You can switch between 4 statuses of your press releases, including Active, Pending, Rejected and Draft.

What types of press releases are not accepted by FPR?

We don't accept following types of press releases:

  • 1: Advertisements. You need to write your press release in a news angle instead of selling products.
  • 2: Press release containing information or content with the intention to harm or exact personal revenge against a person or group.
  • 3: Sexually Explicit Content.
  • 4: Press release about online gambling.
  • 5: Press releases that promote the sale of Electronic cigarettes.
  • 6: Press releases with bad format such as messy codes or keyword stuffing.

How long should a press release be?

The right length for a press release is 300 to 800 words. If your press release has more than 800 words, it will directly affect the distribution, since most news sites won't pick it up and search engines may not recognize it as a press release. This may mean your press release may be regarded as something else and harder to indexed.

The title should be 60 to 140 characters; it is a good length for optimizing your press release.

How to add text links in a press release?

The Customized Plan allow users to add anchor text links in the press release. Here are some steps for you to add anchor text links:

  • 1: Select the words in the body that you want to add text links for.
  • 2: Click the quick edit button for text link, which is under the title of "Body" and looks like a link.
  • 3: Add your link in the popup window.

How to add website links to a press release?

The Premier, Customized allow users to add website link in the body of the news. Following below steps, and you will easily add website link in your news:

  • 1: Select one of above plans.
  • 2: In the submission page, find the blank named "Company Website", which is located on the bottom right side of the page.
  • 3: Fill in the homepage of your website.

How to upload images to a press release?

The Premier, Customized allow users to upload images in the news. Follow the steps below and you will learn how to easily upload images to your news:

  • 1: Select one of above plans.
  • 2: In the submission page, click the button named "Add files", which is located on the bottom left hand side of the page.
  • 3: Select the images you want to use in your news from your computer.
  • 4: Click the "start" option once you have selected the images you want to upload.

How to set release dates for a press release?

If you want your press release going online in a certain date, you can set your ideal release date for your news by following these steps:

  • 1: Click the release date blank on the top right corner of the submission page.
  • 2: Select the date that you want your press release going online. (Once you have selected a release date, YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT SO MAKE THE CORRECT CHOICE)
  • 3: Submit your press release. You cannot view your press release online until the date you set, and once it is on the date you set, our system will automatically make it available online for all to view.

How do I embed a video in my press release?

Customized plans allow users to embed a video, and you need to select one of them first. The system currently supports Youtube video only, so you need to open the page of your video on Youtube. You then paste either the url, share code or embed code into the blank for video in your press release. Lastly you need to preview your press release to see how your video looks and check it is working fine.

How do I benefit from products on FPR?

You submit your announcement for your business or organization, we distribute your news to top search engines, social media networks, online distribution channels and top news websites. Your benefits from our services are listed as below:

  • Staying Search Engine Optimized for your press releases to help you gain constant free publicity.
  • Improve brand awareness and business image using the Ultimate Network distribution.
  • Reach more target audience and potential buyers to help drive sales.
  • Reach the investors, analysts and financial journalists and attract their attention.
  • Keep your press releases online and continue to enjoy these benefits.
  • Our services help you grow your business like our other 8 million users.

How do I get more backlinks from my press releases?

You need to select the right plan first. Premier, Customized plan allow you to add website link or anchor text links in your press release. Besides, we also distribute your news to more online news websites to gain more backlinks for you. If your press releases are quite interesting and relevant, you will also get extra backlinks from the reports of journalists, bloggers, and other readers.

Are there any services for more frequently submission?

If you submit press releases more frequently, you can contact us and provide more details about your situation, such as your budget, frequency of submission, content of press release, main purpose and so on. Our team will try to accommodate your needs and create a special service for you, depending on your information. Our special services will save you money and make sure you benefit even more from press release distribution.

What is a VIP account?

A VIP account is a gift for our big customers who have bought certain amount our paid press release packages. VIP users will gain a lot of benefits from VIP membership, such as periodical bonus for recharge, one-on-one support, private client manager, free recommendation services. All these privileges are free, and there are no additional fees for VIP account.

You can also apply for a VIP account by contacting us directly. Our support team will tell you what you need to do before becoming a VIP member depending on your account.